Get to Know Me: Marriage Preparation Workbook

Liza knows that some conversations are taboo. While it may be challenging to ask tough questions, now you can use the Get to Know Me Workbook as a tool to take on the responsibility for you.

She introduces 101+ questions to help to get acquainted with one another. Each question opens a dialogue and relationship awareness. Try answering questions in different settings maybe one or two questions face-to-face then answering a few alone in your quiet time. Discuss your thoughts and your reasoning. Allow your partner to be authentic in his or her feelings, perspectives and opinions.

Look at this book as a project that you and your significant other will complete. How well do you both work together? Were you both able to answer all questions and do you both feel that you are satisfied with each other's progress towards the project? This maybe a glimpse of how the two of you will work together to accomplish tasks in the future.

I encourage you to be truthful with yourself first and then with each other. Examine your relationship love is caring, love will be patient but most importantly it will endure.

--Liza Cooper