God Speaks

God Speaks Does God still speak? A question we sometimes ask as we journey through life’s troubles, twists, upturns, and downturns. Yes, He still speaks. I hear him say, “You are My favored child, the apple of mine eye. You are never out of sight or out of mind. Your Name is forever engraved in the palms of My hands”—an excerpt from one of the devotional readings in this book.It is with a grateful and prayerful heart that I release this book to the universe; my testimony to everyone that God still speaks. It has been a long process but the Lord has been gracious and very kind to me through it all for which I am eternally grateful. It has taken much prayer, perseverance, tenacity, will power, and a lot of stamina. My prayer is that you too will know and experience his voice, that you be blessed and transformed as you read and meditate. As he speaks, lean into Him and listen carefully with your heart and spirit to what He is saying.God bless you.

--Jennifer Christian Scott