God's Grace Through It All: The Life Story of Rev. Dr. Paul Edward Miller

At the age of fourteen, Paul Miller had to leave school to run the family farm during the grips of the Great Depression. For the eldest of seven children, whose father had attempted suicide years earlier and was now confined to a mental hospital, it was a daunting task. Not only did Paul have to fight the elements to put food on the table and tend to the fields and livestock, but he occasionally had to deal with unkind comments directed at his family because of his father’s condition.At the age of nineteen, Paul was among the thousands of United States Marines who stormed the beaches of Okinawa in a fight for our nation’s freedom in World War II. He witnessed the horrors of war and ultimately spent nine months in the hospital recovering from burns received on the island. While there, he learned that his cousin, who was also his best friend, had been killed on a far-away German battlefield.Through it all, Paul relied on what his saintly mother had taught him and what his own personal relationship with Jesus Christ had instilled in him. God is much bigger than any trials we may encounter and can be trusted to guide us safely through difficult times. When Paul and his wife June lost two babies at birth, they felt the loving arms of the Great Comforter, affirming once again that God’s grace is sufficient.Through the decades, the Miller family has been blessed with many more wonderful moments than sad ones. This book is a testament to those blessings and note of gratitude for all the wonderful people God placed in Paul’s path along the way who truly personified God’s grace through it all.

--Christine Miller Hill