Going Through the Storms of Life with God's Grace and Mercy

I committed my life to Christ as a teen. I can remember attending a revival at my church. My church was Zion Temple First Pentecostal Church at that time. My bishop was Bishop Jasper J. Phillips. That night, I was so moved by what I heard, I decided to give my life to Christ. I can look back now, and it was the best decision that I made to date. I started on my journey to live for Christ. I was in the choir. I joined the Bible Bowl Team, where we studied certain topics and themes from the Bible. I also entered a biblical essay contest. I won an award for my entry. I want to note that the Bible Bowl and essay contest were part of the International Young People's Pentecostal Assembly of the World. This is where each church in our district competed against each other. These were friendly competitions. This was very helpful in learning and understanding God's word. In this competition, we had great, spirit-filled coaches and counselors who encouraged us to study.

--Charles Alexander

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