Going to America

The United States for hundreds of years has been a “haven” for thousands and thousands of immigrants who have left their homelands looking for a better and safer life. This is a true and compelling story of one of those many individuals. It tells of the pain of having to leave behind one’s homeland—the struggles to get to a new country. It tells of the excitement of a plane flight for the first time, the “awe” of arriving to a large city, the joy of seeing parents again who had left ahead to prepare a new home.This book shares the struggles of an eight-year-old child’s experience in a new country, new school, a strange language, and the difficulty of being accepted. It also portrays the victories and accomplishments of a young lady, now a woman, who graduated with honors, achieved in her career as an interpreter, and is well settled in this new but now her own country.

--Lilliam Hernandez