Got Relationships?: Improve Them With ThirtyOneAnothers

Got relationships? We all do! Some are strong and satisfying, but many are weak or strained or broken. All of them can be improved! ThirtyOneAnothers is a stimulating biblical guide to better personal interactions and enhanced relationships. It vividly brings to daily life thirty-one "one anothers" found in the New Testament (e.g., love one another, forgive one another, encourage one another, etc.). Presented in a practical and compelling fashion, it includes author William R. Wilson Jr.'s personal experiences, both positive and difficult, to help drive the biblical truths home. He opens himself up and shares failures and difficult lessons learned the hard way as well as successes. Each daily selection consists of an easy-read, entertaining devotional and an insightful challenge/application section.

Presented in a simple and interesting fashion, this inspirational book is suitable for younger people (even teens) and less mature Christians as well as adults and committed Christians of all ages. It can accommodate those on the go as well as serious students who would like to take more time. The application section will challenge even the most mature believers but will also stimulate new believers to deepen their commitment to Christ. Some readers may want to use the book in a group Bible study or adult Sunday school, perhaps using one selection per weekly meeting.

Not a churchgoer? Got Relationships? Improve Them with ThirtyOneAnothers is also a great resource for those who are not following a particular faith or attending a church. Relationships and personal interactions are more important than ever in today's society at large. They touch and are part of all human lives. Nearly everyone is interested in better relationships! This encouraging and inspiring tool will help!

--William R. Wilson, Jr.