Grace and Peace

Peace""everybody wants it, few have it. The Bible describes a peace that surpasses all understanding. What is that? It is a peace that is unshakable, unmovable no matter the circumstances, no matter the feelings; it is solid and unwavering. All can have this peace, but most do not. That can be changed! But in order to have this peace, you must experience God's grace completely and fully, with no reservations. A grace that makes no sense but covers all and is all-encompassing. The secret to peace is not a secret at all, and it all starts with grace. Join Deanna as she walks you through her discovery of God's grace and journey to peace.

"What a special book GRACE and PEACE is. I want to say how much I have enjoyed it and the honor of reading it before you do, so I can tell you how special it is. Without hesitation, I can assure you, as you think about your life, in the honest way Deanna has shared hers "" your life and walk in Christ will deepen with the turning of each page." Pastor Richie Furay

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--Deanna Langworthy