Grace in Horror

Life is filled with questions for which we struggle to find answers. Most of them tend to arise when facing uncertainty, powerlessness, or hopelessness while lying on a hospital bed. It is not infrequent to hear family members, friends, and even the clergy offering comfort by almost compulsively using phrases like, “Everything happens for a reason,” or “It is God’s will.” While well intended, these words tend to provide little solace to the afflicted. Propelled by the fear of judgment by those whom they hold in high regard, they push down the pain of feeling abandoned by God and adrift in their faith journey. In a quest to seek some comfort, it is easy to find books on grace that are plentiful in favor, joyfulness, and merry-making advice. However, what if there were more to grace?

Unapologetic about his own internal struggle while witnessing unspeakable suffering, Fr. Modestus Ngwu produced an honest, insightful, and provocative piece that provides a transformative and compassionate approach to grace. Grounded on authentic pastoral care, he invites the reader to get acquainted with and draw strength from the beautifully crafted and detailed stories derived from his many experiences. The indestructibility of God’s infinite grace, hope, and love during periods of suffering are the cornerstones of his book Grace in Horror.Father Modestus’ book reveals how grace is truly present and active in what might appear to be utter horror.

—Most Rev. Ronald W. Gainer, Bishop of Harrisburg

This reflection is highly recommended for anyone in health care, for anyone who asks, why does a good God allow suffering and for anyone who seeks to delve deeper into the mysteries of Grace. It is a compelling read that offers much to reflect and meditate upon.

—Elizabeth E. Frauenhoffer, MD, OCDS

--Modestus Ngwu, O.P.

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