Grace Upon Grace: An Inspirational True Story

In her book, Grace upon Grace, Keara shares how sexual abuse built an unhealthy wall for her of unwanted feelings, insecurities, deceptions from the enemy, and a strong hatred toward men for several years. She describes in her book how Jesus was the only one who could turn her heart around and heal her from the tormenting effects of sexual abuse. She believes that the scars of abuse are not permanent as long as her Savior lives. Although she felt hopeless and damaged during her younger years, she shares in this book that Jesus gave her a miracle and finally delivered her. From childhood to early adulthood, she addresses that her healing came from a clear realization of her own need for grace and forgiveness from Christ. It was this realization that helped her see that just as Jesus died for her sins, he also died for her abusers. This revelation changed the course of her life forever, and she finally found the grace to forgive the one who stole her innocence from her. She now lives a redeemed life and currently serves in ministry with many hopes to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, along with her inspirational testimony of true freedom.

--Keara Maria Mendes

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