Grandpa, Why Do We Pray?

Family is everything, and so are the bonds we have between each family member. Some families have a single parent, both parents, or even grandparents to raise a child or children. The persons raising the family don't have to be traditional parents, as long as the one doing the raising is honest, open, and the one who unconditionally loves the children.One Sunday, Lily Mae is curious about everything as she begins to discover and learn about her world around her. Lily Mae and her grandpa explore nature and life as they walk to church. She peppers him with questions about nature, life, and God. Her grandpa answers his granddaughter honestly and with a clarity that is understood by a young, school-aged child.God is part of our family too. We need to help children understand that God is there for us all also. The way we email or text message family members, we also need to pray to God. Prayer is a way we can talk to God.

--Carol Harblin

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