Greetings From LeFlore County!: The Lord, the Law, and the Laughter in Rural Oklahoma

What happens to the near-perfect life of an attorney when her husband and law partner decides to become a United Methodist pastor in a small, rural Oklahoma town? The results are in Greetings from LeFlore County—the Lord, the Law, and the Laughter in Rural Oklahoma. This humorous work details one family’s real-life adventures in easy-to-read snippets that pull readers in from the first page.

Holly had been an attorney in a busy city for seventeen years when her husband and law partner answered God’s call to ministry, and moved them and their three children to a small town in southeastern Oklahoma. Holly found a job as an assistant district attorney for the county where she suddenly became “that new lady DA.” This book began as emails to her family back home when she found herself prosecuting criminals and being a pastor’s wife in a funny world that was quite different from the city she was used to.

If you have ever been amused by funny court stories on the Internet, entertained by a courtroom TV show, or intrigued by rural reality shows, you will love the stories of this family’s adventures from moving day (and the humorous moving truck incident), through the hilarious trials and tribulations of the local criminal courts (he was arrested for what?), to the beautiful blessings and special small-town relationships that led to tearful goodbyes after three amazing in years in LeFlore County.

--Holly Breese Cinocca