Grip of Heaven: 2nd Edition

The title Grip of Heaven came from a vision the Lord gave me following my precious Annie's homegoing in November 2016. She exhibited a real peace of mind in the few weeks prior to her passing that gave no evidence of her physical condition or circumstances. I discovered the source of that peace in the months following as I searched her personal belongings. I found a scribbled note on her coupon envelope in her pocketbook that read, "Stop holding on and be held by Jesus." Later I read in her journal, "I saw a roadside sign that said, 'Stop holding on and be held by the loving arms of Jesus.' So much of this applies to me."

I observed her inner peace during her last days and especially during her nine-day stay in the hospital. My vision of the pierced hand of Jesus gripping Ann's hand came soon after this discovery. With it came encouragement to write this book and tell others of the walk she and I had walked over the last forty-five years following our Lord's leading in all aspects of our lives together.

--H. Bruce Boulton