Guilty until Proven Innocent: Who Will Hear My Tears A Series

Until now, Quiote' was working hard to find ways elevate her self-esteem, get her children back, and earn liberation from living the street life. She has fought through every failed step in surviving this journey called life: physical and mental abuse, children kidnapped and taken away, feeling unloved by family, homelessness, and finally accepting she had no one who really cared about her.

Through it all, she held on to a small flicker of light; she did believe in God. Although she did not understand why it did not make her life better, holding on to that sliver of hope is why she is still alive.

But then a quick turn of events by a sudden, unexpected visitor turns Quiote's life upside down yet again. Now she is running for her life with nowhere to turn.

Will she survive this time? Will her little light of hope be enough to show her the way out yet again?

"About three things I was positive about: First, God so loved the world that He gave His only son. Second, He told me He did not want me to suffer, and I didn't know how important that might be, that unconditional love. Third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Him, although I didn't understand fully what it meant" (Quiote).

--Rene'e L. Ellis