Hark, the Angel Harold Sings

Meet Harold. He is short, chubby, and a bit clumsy, and oh yeah, he's an angel. Harold is very different from all the other angels, and this makes him unsure of himself. It makes him feel worthless. In this adventure, we find Harold wanting his angelic singer voice. God gives Harold a list of chores that he must complete in order to receive his angelic singing voice. With Harold's clumsy attempt to complete his chores, he messes up more than he helps. This makes him feel like he can't do anything right, that he cannot be used. But by the end of his quest to get his singing voice, something unexpected happens. Something that gives Harold his biggest chore yet. Does Harold complete his final chore without messing up? Would he receive his angelic singing voice? And more importantly, would Harold overcome his fear of being different?

--Billy Murphy Jr.

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