Healing Prayers for Women in Jesus' Name

This book, Healing Prayers for Women in Jesus' Name, was written to let women know how much they are loved by God. After retiring from teaching young children, Gail and her mama, Ms. Jean spent over five years together worshiping God, reading the Bible and singing hymns together. Gail's dear mama became ill, and the doctors were not sure she would make it. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance, and they almost lost her. Four days later, she awoke in her hospital room smiling, and telling Gail that she had been with Jesus. Mrs. Jean was so excited, and Gail truly believed her. Gail's mama told her that she went to Heaven and talked to Jesus. He asked Ms. Jean if she would come back and help encourage her daughter to finish this women's book. She saw her loved ones, held her precious granddaughter she longed to hold, and agreed to come back, so that Gods will for them would be done!

Even though Jean passed away on August 3, 2016, Gail promised her she would do what Jesus told her to do. Thanks to Faith Christian Publishing Company, mama's heart, this book will be shared with many women. Mrs. Gail is so humbled by this book and prays it will touch women's lives everywhere. It is also Ms. Jean's heart and legacy! May God bless this book for women! Gail adds, "I learned so much during this time with Mama. I learned to be humble, more patient, and to stop complaining. I also learned that God's timing is always the best, and he will never lead you to do something for Jesus, without equipping you to do his will. Many human angels have touched our lives and we pray that they will be blessed. Our prayer for you is that you will receive a special blessing from this book and appreciate God's beautiful nature. We also pray that you will receive his salvation through grace, and worship him each day. He made you and he loves you just the way you are. We also pray that you will receive a special blessing from the Lord, and we pray you will be drawn closer to your Heavenly Father. Be blessed, dear woman. Jesus loves you! Your faith will make you whole!"

--Gail Thomas and Jean Castelow