Healing Stitches

Author Candice Gaddy shares her upbringing in a Christian single-parent home only later to realize she never really knew God for herself. In this true-life story, it took her losing everything, coming close to death multiple times, literally losing her mind with a stroke/brain hemorrhage to learn to trust God and the process of healing! Every new phase in life you must heal from the prior to be ready for the new level. The reader will not only hear from real-life experiences but understand from true biblical references how we are equipped to turn every battle scar into a weapon to defeat the enemy. There is no season of healing you cannot overcome whether financial, physical, mental, or emotional. Natural remedy doctors will tell you that often the best medicine is natural or just simply allowing the body to heal. As you read, sit still and "know that I am God" is what he is trying to tell you during your healing uncertainty!

--Candice Gaddy

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