Heartache and Hope

Our Bible teaches us that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. Be strong, have faith, carry on. But what if our daily challenges reach a breaking point? How do we handle our grief then, witnessing dreams shatter like exploding glass? Suffering heartache so profound one cannot take another step? We ask God why? Why is He giving us so many tests? And when we finally muster the courage to move forward again, how do we know which way to go?

It is 2012, and recent UCLA graduate, Tiffany Ryan lands the prestigious job as assistant to Monique Mason, a world-famous novelist. Things go well between these two colleagues until Tiffany discovers that her manuscript about her late grandmother's plight during the 1930s Dust Bowl, a story titled Heartache and Hope, has been stolen right out from under her nose-by her boss. When more deceit is revealed, how does Tiffany turn her world right-side up again?

Embedded within Tiffany's story are her grandmother's heartbreaking journal entries, of the deaths and destruction that intolerable dust caused for almost ten years. It is a love story of faith and hope for two Christians, Willie and Rose and their three children-how they prayed every day for God's miraculous intervention, for the drought to end, for Him to release his blessed rain; rain that would not only quench their thirst but save their souls.

This is the manuscript Tiffany wrote. This was her heart. And a powerful person took it from her.

Raised in Oklahoma, the author is now a mother of three and grandmother to six millennials, all residing in the West. While the Dirty Thirties story is fictional, it is based upon her family's roots stemming from the western, northeastern, and southern part of that state. www.mkabbott.com

--Mary Kay Abbott