Hearts in Harmony Hockey Hearts

After spending most of her life as a missionary, Harmony Clark returns to her native country of Canada to be a Nanny for a young girl. Still mourning the death of her fiancé, she's shocked by the feelings she develops for NHL player Kyle Taylor, the father of her young charge.

Kyle's been burned by a woman before, and he's not willing to put his heart back on the line for anyone. Kyle's only concern is his daughter and his hockey career; he's not interested in God and he's definitely not looking for a relationship. So why can't he get Harmony out of his head?

Harmony's still sorting through her own feelings of guilt and sorrow, and she's torn because of Kyle's lack of faith in God. Will these two hurting hearts discover the healing power that only God's love can give? And if Kyle turns away from God, will Harmony have the strength to choose her faith in Christ over her feelings for Kyle?

Join these Hockey Hearts as they learn valuable lessons about faith, family, and God's infallible plan.

--Cassidy Lea