Heaven from a Pilot's Point of View

Imagine you are a fifteen-year-old boy learning to fly over the mountains and plains of Colorado.

Then the bombs fall on Pearl Harbor and suddenly you are a nineteen-year-old instructor pilot,

teaching other young men to fly heavy bombers. Only a few months later, you are flying in a night

sky, thousands of feet above the South Pacific over an island you had never heard of a few weeks

before. A handful of years later, you are piloting a private plane holding your wife and children as

the five of you travel the United States preaching the word of God. How did the young pilot from

landlocked Oklahoma manage to find the previously unseen island of Hawaii on his first flight over

the ocean? Was the process something like how faith works? How do the heavens declare the glory

of God? What must it be like to "mount up with wings as eagles?" Inside the pages of this book,

readers will discover how those wide-ranging experiences can open their eyes to the beauty and

order of the world God spoke into existence and discover the biblical truths everyone needs to

understand in order to prepare for heaven. Majestic visual pictures and fascinating stories from a

World War II pilot lead the reader into a world of wonder, which allows him to plainly see the

lessons learned by this godly man as he traveled the world. What does heaven look like from God's

point of view? Find out by looking at Heaven from a Pilot's Point of View.

--Jack Cox