Heaven Holds the Answers

It's not what we read but rather how we read it that makes the difference!!!What if I told you things are not as they appear. Black is not black and White is not white and 130 B.C. is not 130 years before Christ. Now turn off the lights and tell me what is white and what is black, color is the refection of light, without light there is no color. That's what Rome did, they turned off the lights on the truth.And the way we been taught to record time is not the only way it was done.And that an ancient order set claim to the entire Western Hemisphere long before Columbus and possibly achieved it in 130 B.C. With B.C. possibly meaning before Columbus, before the cycle or before the comet of 1492 becoming 1362, possible in this case B.C. stood for all three events.130 B.C. is not as it appears and the claim was not made for a mortal king or country, but rather for a Supreme God, Under God laws.If you like riddles. If you like enigmas. If you would like to see history recorded and told differently or truer then you may be ready for this challenge. If you are then you are ready to look at the clues that was left behind with an open mind.If you like astronomy, I'll show you how different groups of people each use different galactic events besides the Star of Bethlehem to mark the start of their time and all the different groups calendar are tied together. We will be looking at the equivalent of several Stars of Bethlehem from here in the Americas.I'll be taking you through a dating wormhole without leaving the planet, making you scratch your head, laugh and wonder, "what if he is right. "This book just maybe the start of the rest of the story. If you read through this book the first time you will read it again and again.And you will possibly come to the same conclusion, "So that's how they did that. "And you will never read things the same way all the time again. Including the Book of Mormons with its three different voyages and possible dating enigmas, truest account ever written about the Americas."Sometimes it's not what is being said that's important, it’s what not being said that is.You will be intrigued, so if you are ready to start a journey that will give you a lot to think about then turn to page 1. Unravel the truth.

--E. G. Tillman