Helen and Nicky

Helen and Nicky is a story about a very special little girl and a deaf and partially blind Great Dane. The book is intended to engage, delight, and introduce many true-to-life topics to the young reader.

It challenges the reader with a wide variety of vocabulary words and issues. The writing is simple enough to engage and yet is informative and heartfelt. The stories are simple and complex. Both parents and teachers will enjoy reading this book with their children and students. Helen and Nicky touches on many life issues that children as well as adults may be dealing with and achieves this with an educational and sensitive approach. Some themes are homelessness, disabilities, death of a loved one, and terminal illness and were chosen by the author after witnessing her own students go through these experiences with nowhere to process them. The book comes with a Christian perspective and includes several true history themes such as the introduction of Helen Keller and the tragedy of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

Helen and Nicky is based on real-life characters and events. There is a real Nicky who is the author's daughter, and Helen was the author's real-life Great Dane dog.

The book also includes new vocabulary words and teacher lesson plan ideas.

--Wendy Green