Hello, I Am Joseph - Hello, I Am Mary

Joseph and Mary is about two people telling you the story of their own lives as individuals with their hopes, fears, emotions, and faith in the face of the unknown. Jesus is the common thread in both stories. While Joseph’s story is shorter, Mary’s story goes to the bitter end of Jesus’s life, which is also a sweet beginning for us. Even though the stories are fictional, they are based on biblical quotes and references. For instance, how do you think Joseph felt or reacted when he found out Mary was pregnant and knew that he was not the father? What do you think Mary did as her son was being crucified? This book delves into these types of topics and asks you to react. There are questions at the end of each chapter for you to consider or ponder upon.The faith of Mary and Joseph, as individuals and as a family, is explored further. They see and reach the mountaintop but also go through the deep valleys of life, both apart and together. As a family, how would you deal with being refugees in Egypt after running away from the Romans? You will think about the stories you know, but from a different perspective, one that allows you to see the reactions and emotions that could have been.The hopes, fears, and thoughts of Mary and Joseph are fictional since we do not know what occurred two thousand years ago. However, you will have a sense of Mary and Joseph talking to you, about how they felt and what their lives were like.

--David Keim