Heroes of the Old Testament: Joseph, Daniel, and Captain Naaman

Being a parent is lots of fun, despite the many responsibilities we are all familiar with. To teach our children right and wrong is paramount among those responsibilities. Quiet time before bed is understandably just about the best time to read stories, hopefully with a moral lesson, illustrating the moral character we all want to pass on to our children. This book contains three Bible stories in poetic form which may help hold the attention of the children and possibly entertain the parent as well.

First is the story of Daniel, who faced peril which should have led to his death. He had an opportunity to bend on his principles but chose instead to hold fast and face the danger which was before him. Having shown sincere faith and devotion, God revealed His power through Daniel, which had great influence in changing the heart of the king.

Then there is the story of Captain Naaman, who, having been influenced by a little girl, took her advice, which not only saved his life but, in turn, shifted the mood of an empire.

And there was Joseph, who was sold into slavery as a child and, against all odds, rose to fame, becoming the governor of Egypt, and through his leadership, saved millions of lives.

My children always liked the stories I read to them that rhymed, so writing with a bit of inspiration, I wrote these stories poetically. My hope is that they will inspire your children as they did mine.

--Stephen Weesner