His Undeniable Presence: In the Midst of a Storm

Certain events in our lives could get our attention in a way that we are unable to look beyond them. Finding the inner strength to push past our current circumstances, would allow us to see that they function as mile markers on the road to our God ordained destiny. Perhaps you are dealing with a storm in your life that overwhelms you - financial difficulty, failing business, marriage, children, aging parents, health; whatever, the challenge may be, know that God is with you and that this trial is part of his larger plan.

Having gone through a season of financial hardship, I found myself in a place that I never expected to be after doing all the right things such as planning, tithing, saving, investing and sowing liberally. Thinking that I did something wrong, I tried everything humanly possible to solve this conundrum, but nothing worked. I wondered if God had forsaken me and if so, why. But in the moments when I was at my lowest financially, emotionally and quite frankly felt like giving up, God would reveal himself through a nudge from the Holy Spirit, often through a scripture, a song, closing a deal unexpectedly or some form of reminder that he is with me.

His Undeniable Presence chronicles some of the times God's presence was manifested in the eye of my storm, my darkest moments. It covers three stages of the journey, from the valley to guidance to restoration. The devotional messages would inspire and give you hope and courage to endure the challenges you may be facing.

--Joanne Christopher-Mitchell