Hollywood Assistant

Once a personal assistant to famous entertainer Eddie Murphy. Donnie R. Johnson takes you on a roller-coaster ride.

The luxurious lifestyle of Mr. Murphy's assistant lead Donnie on a journey through traveling abroad, fame, fortune, and prosperity first hand.

Today, after being clean and sober for over seven years. Donnie is a Pastor with a degree in Theology, a motivational speaker, and problem solver. A real life Coach, spiritually on fire. Donnie is driven to see others overcome life's obstacles and succeed while finding their purpose in life.

Donnie and Paul promote a clean living/clean water campaign, with Skywater, (Atmospheric Water Generators), with the focus of providing clean water machines worldwide. www.skywater.com/paulskywater@gmail.com

www.Donnieroyjohnson.com, AKA, The Hollywood Assistant.

--Paul Purter and Donnie Johnson