Honor Thy Mother : Caring for a Loved One Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

In these pages, author and caregiver Sheree May shares both the joys and struggles of caring for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's.May stumbled upon an inspirational place called Celebrate Recovery. There she found the value in taking all her troubles to God. Afterward, she was led from a place of pain through a world of pandemic to a place of healing.There, May discovered her independence and self-worth. She could now give her mother the attention and care that she needed.May knew her mother more than anyone else besides God, which gave her the ability to retrieve a lifetime of memories the two of them had made. Their close relationship enabled her to turn "the long goodbye" into a million fifteen-minute reruns of joy!Here you will explore all the magic a caregiver can give through the grace of God!

--Sheree May

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