Hope, Love, Abide: Love Stories

This book is on long life and on long marriages. Looking at family and friends who emphasize building relations of hope, care, and friendship over time. Life and fruitfulness are a blessing and gifts of God. This book is a look too at marriage in America.

Anna Smith is a retired social worker who gave thirty-one years of service in Child Welfare Service. She spent her last working years in Adult Protective Services. She and Aaron A. Smith, PhD are the parents of two adult and married daughters and the grandparents of six grandchildren.

Anna was born in Meadville, Mississippi. It is detailed in this book why she and her family moved from Mississippi to Illinois, then to California. She and siblings were raised to know we are part American Indian. When she asked her mother if she knew what tribes we are from? Mother replied, “Sho’ I know!” and is detailed in this book.

Her father and mother talked with us children of God and Jesus. Her father told us children to stay in school and to achieve, all of us siblings are high school graduates. Her oldest sister became a registered nurse. Anna graduated San Jose State College (now University) and Howard University.

--Anna Smith

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