Roberta Towel was born April 14, 1905 in Anderson, Indiana. She attended Anderson High School and graduated from Ball State University with a teaching degree. She taught at the Seventh Street School for two years and Shadeland School for one year. Roberta left teaching when she and Noble Butler III were married in 1929. They moved to Indianapolis in 1944 with their two sons, Noble IV and Robert.

After her husband died, Roberta went back to teaching at School 39 in Indianapolis. She taught from 1956 until 1968.

As for Horace, he lived in the Butler's Yard on Sutherland Avenue in Indianapolis. Roberta (Mom) started putting food out on the front step every morning. Horace began coming to eat. He would come up close to the step and wait for Mom as if he knew what time it was.

After a while, Horace got used to Dad and the boys. He would let them hand feed him. Dad made a house in a tree for Horace to stay warm and dry. Horace even enjoyed Raggs, the family dog. Horace and Raggs would often play with each other.

This is the reason that Horace the Squirrel was written. He was part of the family.

Roberta Butler's intent was that her sons would have the book published and printed for sale.

We hope children and adults enjoy this book.

--Roberta Butler

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