How God Breathed Life Into Me

The little girl was so scared. She stared into space, wondering what future she could possibly have in her ugly, unhappy mind. Hiding on the bench that was pushed under the table, afraid to face Mama’s wrath because once again, this dear little girl, only six years old, broke a stack of glass dishes that came crashing down, hitting the floor while she was doing what mama asked, set the table for the family to sit down and eat together. Never a kind word spoken, all ugly snarls and accusation after accusation hurled into this young girl’s heart and the beatings that followed later.

This story is written as my story. My journey of how a heart can grow ugly and bitter in a home where the mother is not using her words to bless her children and how tragically this can cause the whole household to fall in a place completely out of line of God’s order and how God used this ugliness to set this bitter, angry woman free.

This story is written by a plain woman in an Amish Mennonite setting, being careful not to point any fingers at anyone but to use my story to bring honor and glory to God, that everyone who reads its pages can realize how valuable they are in God’s sight regardless of what ugly life has dished out to them. I love butterflies because they remind me that it’s never too late to transform ourselves.

--Leah Beth

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