How Have You Fallen, O Humans?

This work began about fourteen years ago, when I became troubled about the fall of man in Genesis 3, so I began talking to God about this incident, because I didn't understand how all the evils that befell mankind had occurred from such a short conversation between the serpent and Eve. As time passed and after years of debates and arguments with God about this, not only did He give me an understanding of the fall and all its ills, He also gave me insight into His unique solution to these problems in a very detailed way.

Enter the second Adam (Jesus), who came in the flesh to solve three tasks that would correct all these problems. God has provided me with information concerning all this in fully disclosed details that are completely biblical, not complicated, and certainly not being taught in today's churches. Many things in these pages will doubtless take you by surprise, but at the end of this short read, you will be left with a refreshingly new perspective and a renewed sense of knowledge and understanding about how deeply the God of creation really loves us. Give a big thank-you to Him after you have read and enjoyed this work.

--Harry G. Grant

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