How I Overcame Abuse: My Struggle to Become Whole After Molestation and Rape

This is a true story of abuse. Did it happen to you? Were you violated as a child or an adult and held unto this dark secret of pain that negatively impacted your life? Are you the victim of a secret touch? Were you abused, rejected, or are you confused?If so, this book is about a woman, someone who endured those things. I will share my journey in overcoming molestation and rape and the impact it had on my life.This book will help you overcome the pain and trauma associated with abuse, for someone who needs help, or maybe you suspect that this has happened to a friend or loved one and you would like to encourage and support them moving forward. ItaEUR(tm)s my journey of bringing light to a corner of my heart where this had secretly taken its toll.This book will outline some of the ways that you may have been affected by any form of child abuse or neglect. You can use this book to help you overcome and move forward. Do not suffer in silence. Tell someone and get help. Turn your life around today, and you will no longer be a victim but a victor.

--Patricia Edwards-Burton

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