How to Be Wise and Successful: That It May Be Well with You

There are a few truths that are woven throughout this book. In a way, it is also a story of my own life.First, realize that life is difficult and very complicated; however, all you need to know about how to succeed is stated with assurance in Psalm 1. Read it. Meditate on it daily. Heed it. You will succeed. There may be times in the first, second, or third quarters of life that you may feel like a failure; but if you continue reading, heeding, and meditating on the principles of Psalm 1, you will get back up on your feet and go on with success. At the end of the game of life, you will be successful, ultimately in eternity.And if you read daily, heed, and meditate on the book of Proverbs, you will gain wisdom. You will be wise, knowing that all wisdom comes from God and only from God.The good news from these truths, absolute truths, is that it will be well for you. It will be for your own good. There is no other way for you to be truly wise and succeed in life.Therefore, reading the Bible daily, to keep these truths in your mind, is the way to be wise and successful!

--Warren W. Burnham

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