How to Become Truly Wealthy

What could possibly have motivated a comfortably retired ninety-year-old former engineer to write a book titled How to Become Truly Wealthy?

I was troubled seeing so many young Americans following their peers into bad life decisions, crushing debt, poor behavior, and a flawed idea of what true wealth is. I wrote this book to tell my grandchildren and great-grandchildren what I wish someone had told me when I was young. It is my sincere hope that anyone that feels the same way about their children or grandchildren (or themselves) might benefit from this effort as well. I have been blessed with many years’ worth of experiences and the wisdom they bring. This book is my way of giving back what I can—by passing it on to you.

As I explain within these covers, human wealth is measured by much more than just money. You and your brain are the most important wealth you have. I truly hope that you will join me to learn much more and that you enjoy the journey!

This book is divided into the following parts:

Wealth vs. Money

How to Grow Your Human Wealth

How to Become Financially Wealthy

Protect Your Wealth: Future Concerns


--Grandpa "Bert" Foster