How to Break Thru Bullying: Five Steps Towards Inner Peace and Freedom

My Personal Anger Can Transform makes an MPACT from the inside out! These five steps are the processing center for a transformation to live a positive and constructive lifestyle toward inner peace and freedom! Here are a few things people have said about this amazing book.

I agree with everything said in this book! There are times it struck a nerve and hit home to my personal experiences and made me cry, and there were times that I was backing you up out loud! I truly believe everyone can relate to something in this book, if not every section! The “Department of Transformation” really got me. These steps are not easy but very necessary and doable. The chapters are definitely named appropriately and were well thought-out. I love the parts of the book that are interactive. It really encourages you as the reader to think about your life. The quotes and scriptures are perfectly placed and make a big impact in this book. I look forward to seeing this book make its way around the world!

—Julie English, mayor’s office

This book helped reiterate some of the things I already know and sometimes lose track of. It almost felt like I was chosen to read this because I needed it. Trevor, you did a really swell job, and thank you for writing it! I will keep it and read this from time to time as a refresher. I give this book five out of five stars!

—Thomas Michelsen Jr., community member

A system that works for everyone. It helps the reader build a support team and inspires them to live a more purposeful life. Very motivating and positive! It helps one “break thru” struggling obstacles and achieve goals that never knew were possible. A must have!

—Shane Howard, Christian evangelist

--Trevor Wayne Howard

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