How to Overcome

This book, children of God, is very inspiring because it denotes historical facts about mankind overcoming.

God spoke to me in the year 2013 for me to write this book on overcoming life issues. In this book, there is mention of the process of demonstration of life’s meaning. It will show and tell you how to handle situations and obstacles. It reveals how God Almighty teaches us how to maintain in life.

In this book as well, the process of prophetic utterance will be interpreted. It gives the definition of what faces you in life and how you may overcome them.

As you read this book, you will feel the anointing and power of God flow from and the power through it.

In this book, How to Overcome, you will see how true prophecy is spoken and revealed by the hand of God, the True Creator.

So, children of the Most High God, sit back and enjoy this book, and you may see how you yourselves overcame to purchase this book in the way you were feeling. So God bless and enjoy on.

--Latasha Fletcher and Vaugh Trolli