How to Set Your Sail and Let God Provide the Wind: How to Work with God to Create a Life of Success and Happiness and to Reach Your Goals with Ease

You need God, and God needs you. You are here for a purpose; God created you to do his work on earth. How to Set Your Sail and Let God Provide the Wind sums up the relationship between you and God. You can set your sail, but if there is no wind, your boat will not go anywhere. You can plan all you want, but if God doesn't provide the opportunities, you will not achieve any of your goals. This book will help you find your purpose, set your goals, plan your life, and how to let go and let God take over. Together, you and God will create a life that is meant for you.

Success and happiness are something that we all try to attain--some succeed, and some don't. The question is, Why? This book will guide you through your journey of life and beyond. You will be able to find your purpose, reach your goals, and to live a happy and fulfilled life that you only dreamt of. You will realize that there is a force in the universe that controls everything, and that force is God. Connecting to God is the way to achieve anything you want. You are sent here for a purpose, and once you realize your purpose, you can create a life of joy and harmony. Find your purpose, and the world will find a friend.

God bless you.

--Trung K. Vu

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