Husbands Love Your Wives As Christ Loves The Church: Clarity My Letter To The Church

In this heroic tale of Love, courage, commitment, and awaken through brotherhood, this Manuscript shows how communication cannot exist without understanding, and power isn't achieved without knowledge. Remarkably so, at 33 years of age Reginald Joseph Jr. with this book, embodies the essence of fellowship in the church, the marriage, our friendships, and more importantly ourselves, by using theology, psychology, and sports references to send the readers on a Christ awakening note journey. Based on true events, he writes a love letter to the church and to marriages around the world using personal experiences and entendres to convince a body of believers of their true superpower in strength in numbers, and unity. With his platform, Reginald writes out his thesis sermon to the masses, and provides a business plan for the community/ communities to save a sleeping nation. Highlighting hometown heroes; in this first, of a two book series confronting the new age. This book is a must have.

--Reginald D. Joseph Jr.

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