I Am David

We praise the drug addict who is two years clean. We honor the alcoholic who is five years sober. But we tend to kick our spiritual leaders to the curb when we find out they are not what we want them to be.

Who is going to reach out to the pastor who has fallen into the infidelity trap? Someone has to make themselves available to the youth minister or worship leader who is currently addicted to pornography. They are unable to say a word to anyone in fear of losing their jobs and their livelihood.

In this book, you will meet a pastor who had all the charisma to lead a growing church but didn't have the ability to control his own demons that were placed on him at an early age. Taking the life of King David as a pattern, you will notice that we have a little David in all of us.

Pastor Mickey Bell exposes himself to the readers in hopes of saving marriages, relationships, and ministries. By learning from his mistakes, he hopes the information found in the book will help you come to terms with your shortfalls and give you the boldness to address some really tough issues.

You are not alone! There is someone who knows what you are dealing with, and the answer is found in this book.

--Mickey Bell