I Am with You: Devotion for Victims of Domestic Violence

I Am with You is a seven-day devotional written to provide inspiration to victims in domestic violent situations and encourage them to get away from their abuser through increasing their trust in God. It encourages victims to gain courage to speak up, get away, and stay away. There is a key element in this devotional for victims to get connected with who they are in God. It has been statistically shown that victims of domestic violence have the hardest time getting away and staying away from their abuser. Not because they lack intelligence or that they don’t want to; they just simply can’t. Many domestic violence victims are trapped in these situations from the level of control these narcissists have had them under. With the help of this devotional, it is our hope that many victims will find a strength deep within themselves so that they will be able to get away from abuse and stay away, all the while helping others get to safety by encouraging a deeper faith in God to help on the journey.

--Deodge Hill

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