I Am with You Always: Challenging a Family's Faith in a Time of Tragedy

I thought life was treating us pretty well until one day when I received a tragic phone call that forever changed our lives. We have heard of something like this happening on TV, or to someone else, but never could imagine it happening to our family. Our daughter Ann was a model citizen, never been in trouble and always cared for others. She was innocent but somehow was accused, convicted, and sent to prison. In my book I Am with You Always, it tells of how our family dealt with this painful and agonizing ordeal with the help of God. It also tells of the corruption with the police and judicial system that went on during this whole situation. You will be involved with the determination and perseverance of my family to see what will happen next as each chapter reveals yet another life-challenging situation. Without God, we would have been alone, lost, and without hope. With God, we had strength from the Lord and had survived this tragedy to go on and face another day.

We are very thankful that God is in our life. We can count on Him to help us through anything if we only let Him. This book is meant to encourage and is filled with Bible verses to help you in your daily walk through life.

--Jean L. Capicotto