I Love You to Heaven and Back

"I love you past the rainbow and past the Earth's only Moon . . .

for God, our loving Creator, does not live in a cold, dim crater

on hard, cement-like rock so rough . . . I love you to heaven and back."

I Love You to Heaven and Back is the ultimate love triangle between God, a parent or caregiver, and their child. Children from around the world of different races, colors, and disabilities ask their caregivers on every page questions about God such as "Why does God love us?" Their caregiver ends their biblical-based, rhyming answer with how God has taught them to love or given them a blessing that they can then share with their child. The hope is that all children will come to learn that their caregiver loves them to heaven and back because Jesus died on the cross for us to make it possible. Jesus will return to the earth to judge the living and the dead and so truly will come back from heaven. This book can be read cover to cover, broken into sections just to answer the same question your child recently asked, or question, answer, and Bible passages read from the bottom of every page to make a daily devotional out of the book. Give this book to children who have a terminal illness or one that may become terminal to: give them permission to die, comfort that they will no longer suffer, a calmness that heaven is fun, and a certainty that you as the caregiver will be joining them soon. Of course, "Only God knows when our time on earth will end. It could be tomorrow or not till we are 110," so every child needs a copy of this book today - without delay!

"[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "I Love You to Heaven and Back" by Sarah Addis.]

I Love You to Heaven and Back by Sarah Addis is an interesting question and answer book for children. The author, Sarah, started by explaining the love of God due to the question posed to her by children. While explaining the extent of God's love towards his children, she also explained the root of disobedience and its punishment. She further addressed the question of Heaven and when one is eligible to go to Heaven. Read up this book, dear children, to find answers to questions that have been disturbing you about God's love.

What I liked most about this book was that the author ensured that she used physical objects around us to explain mysteries. These objects are things children can relate to. She used relatable things like rainbows as reminders of God's assurance of love. The writer presented her explanations as though it was coming from God's mouth.

It felt like God spoke to me directly while reading this book, especially when she discussed the power to decide, which God gave us. There were good illustrations of God's love, which I believe children would enjoy.

Furthermore, it was nice to have footnotes and biblical references to illustrate these points further. I would encourage parents, caregivers, Sunday school teachers to make effective use of this book to teach children about the love of God.

But I wish the writer had been careful enough to explain the idea of God's punishment and sin. I don't think God punishes anyone. I just believe that every sin has its punishment. God doesn't need to punish anyone. Children may grow up with this mindset and have challenges believing in God's love. Apart from this aspect, I don't consider any other thing a negative aspect of the book.

This book was well written and structured. It was clear what the question was and who asked it. The answer followed each question. With just one typographical error, I believe the book was professionally edited. Hence, I will rate it four out of four stars regardless of my suggestion above. Sunday school teachers and children who want to know how God loves them can read this book. I strongly recommend it to them."

--Sarah Addis

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