I, Naomi This Is My Story

Meet Naomi, eminent townswoman and woman extraordinaire, as she reclines in her favorite cedarwood armchair in her lovely home in central Bethlehem. Hear her remarkable story as she tells of droughts, famines, wars, and disasters woven from the Old Testament (OT) history into her personal life and that of her generation. Revel in the rich landscape and culture of ancient, pre-monarchic though chaotic Israel as she lifts the curtain and unfolds her gripping account that weaves OT history, law, myth, and legend into a uniquely credible story. Very especially, listen to her message for the Levites of our day, though her appeal and legacy are both timeless and universal. To achieve this, Suneeti has used a unique device that she calls a "di-monologue" wherein the ancient Naomi converses with an invisible modern-day audience to recount her untold story and thus bridges the gap of some three millennia.I, Naomi grew out of a Bible study on the book of Ruth conducted by the women's group in Suneeti's church. During one of the sessions, when Naomi was getting the short end of the stick, it dawned on Suneeti that Naomi's story had never been told. Thus grew this story of an obscure, shelved, almost forgotten woman but who was central not only to OT history but also the history of all mankind.

--Suneeti Lock

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