I Remember, Memoirs Of A Child Remembering, Forgiving,and Letting Go To Be Free

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I stand in awe of Christine's honesty, transparency, courage, and the majesty of her loving herself enough to heal herself through the sharing of her story. This book is a must read for parents and children alike who have been victims of domestic violence. Christine tears down the age-old adage of "what goes on in the house stays in this house." This book gives a voice to the voiceless children who are victims of domestic violence who suffer in silence.

Dr. Lateshia Woodley, LPC, NCC

Counseling Psychologist, Author, Speaker

Letting Go of the Child Within

Have you ever had a child tug on you to get your attention? They will tug and tug and sometimes call your name until you answer. This is what hidden wounds will do. No matter how much you try to bury it, it's still there. No matter how many times you try to forget it, it's still there. No matter how much you try to move forward, it's still there, tugging until you answer. "I Remember" is the journey of a woman remembering her past, forgiving her present, and letting go of the little girl within to save her future. "I Remember" will take you on a journey of uncovering masked wounds to reveal the undiscovered you by coming face to face with your truths. Christine draws scripture to reveal how remembering, forgiving, and letting go set individuals free to reach their full potential by facing truth to release the power that is within.

--Christine George