I Was Just A Child

Pat Potter McAndrews, M.A

1515 The Alameda, Suite 202

San Jose, CA. 95126


November 5, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing to endorse a book written by April Longabaugh named I WAS JUST A CHILD.

This book was written as a part of her therapy to address the issues of her physical, emotional, and sexual abuse which she suffered at the hands of her parents. I encouraged her to write and use art to express her feelings and thoughts about the severe trauma that she experienced as she was growing up in her family. It is a miracle that April can function today as a complete human being that expresses love and kindness to others, including her parents. This process has allowed April to heal and be able to share her growth and insight with others in a very powerful modality.

I have witnessed how her story has affected others and helps them address their issues and begin the long journey of healing. For those who were not abused, this book is enlightening and informs them that something needs to be done to stop abuse. I believe that this book has something in it for everyone.

Yours truly,

Pat Potter McAndrews, M.A.,BCPC

This book is about a family consumed by violence, and also how it affected different members of the family. This book also shows how the abuse or violence affected the parents as the perpetrators. Then the book shows where the violence came from and how it came to be. How the father felt he was God’s equal and how the mother wanted to be a queen. When the parents didn’t get the reverence they wanted the children were dealt with and received unbelievable treatment. Finally, how the oldest child while fighting off advances from both parents still learned to survive, cope, heal, forgive, and then use the past and help others.

--April Longabaugh