Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis is a captivating, honest, funny look at the historical effects of the modern-day American male. The author with over twenty years of clinical experience shares his insights as a specialist in men's' issues. "Who are you?" is the question that we asked thousands of men; the answer was remarkable, very few have any idea of who they are and where they are going. Who are your role models? Feminism, in all due respect, has left men lost, crushed, and following behind a culture of strong and wonderful women.

This self-help step-by-step guide to understanding how to find yourself as a man and your purpose. Step it up and keep pace with our amazingly quickly developing females of America. Develop and maintain this.

What does it mean to "take of yourself" and how does this tie into your purpose and development? Be the best you can be and live your best life. Understand concepts like abundance theory, manifestation, and attraction. Learn how to attract the type of things to you that will increase your happiness and life satisfaction.

This book will leave you with a better understanding of how and what to do about your self-growth development; some call it mental health then teach you how to take it out into the world and explore the potential realities of finding the ultimate mate and maintaining the same skills that have been taught and led to personal completion of happiness.

The book will go onto touch on how men can, once feeling and radiating the best version of themselves go out into the dating world and find the mate that they are truly meant for some call it a soul mate or twin flame perhaps.

Once we, as men in America, can recapture ourselves and our vibration we can recapture our place in modern day America and ultimately save our country...

--Troy Otterson