Identity: The Way of a Disciple

In the beginning, they were called disciples, and the early believers knew what the word meant. Disciples were those who trusted the Lord, knew His voice, followed Him wherever He led them, and were obedient to everything He told them to do.

Then a Roman government official in Antioch invented a new name. He called the disciples in this church, Christianoi. Christian and the identity of disciples slowly began to disappear. Today, only one, the term, Christian, is widely used in churches round the world. But even this name has been interpreted in as many ways as there are church denominations.

In his book, Dr. Brian has examined each of the six names for disciples that the scriptures use: sinner, saint, child of God, Christian, disciple, bond slave. He treats each of the six names, not merely as useful information but as teachings that can profoundly influence the lives of those who long to be the Lord's disciples.

In his final chapters, Dr. Brian takes a careful look at what the cross means for disciples. He presents a number of valuable biblical principles that both inform and challenge those who long to follow the Lord as His disciples in the twenty-first century.

--Dr. Brian Byrne