If God Was A Child Like Me

Children of all ages have wondered or asked the question, “What do God look like?” It is almost impossible to give them understanding that He could look like them and at the same time look like the kid down the street or the kid from another country. This book is humorously written to address that issue while broadening their imaginative minds, sparking laughter, and bringing awareness to the many cultures of children all over the world who are loved and created by God.

This book is inspirational and entertaining. Children will enjoy the illustrations and its poetic composition verse by verse. If God Was A Child Like Me will show your child diversity in families and no matter how different they may look, they all love to do the same things. It will captivate your child’s attention while bringing a greater connection to parent and child as they read together. This book, If God Was A Child Like Me, is delightfully written for children. And, will remind the reader that no matter how different we look, God loves us all the same and we should also love one another.

--Apostle Pearlie Ames-Murray, Ph.D.