In Search of Honor

In September 1939, life changed for everyone in England, and Roger Whitehead was no exception. And hours after war was declared with Germany, Roger’s family erupted when he announced he had no intention of joining the military. Labeled a coward, he disappeared, leaving a short note and a postal box, where he could be contacted.Why did he refuse to fight? Was his defiance a camouflage for cowardice?Having signed a secrecy oath forbidding his disclosure of his whereabouts or his work, he joined the fight for England in the secret world of Bletchley Park. There he decoded secret communiqués sent by enemies of his country. Over time, his proficiency brought him an unorthodox assignment: to go underground in order to discover a dangerous mole undermining the critical work of so many radio operators located in England and abroad.Join Roger as he navigates through a world gone mad when, by chance, a stranger gives him a New Testament with the challenge to “find the Man behind the words.” Enter the dark world of deceit and intrigue, suspicion and subterfuge, sabotage and subversion. Travel with Roger in his quest for truth and internal peace through love and loss. Discover how a secret love affair changes his life forever and how his search for honor reveals the Savior of the world.

--Elizabeth Roane