In Search Of The Key Of David: The Symbol of Knowledge

Yeshua (Jesus) placed the Key that unlocks the Chamber of Knowledge in the Underworld to be held until his return. For over two thousand years, the Key has remained hidden. Now the Key is missing, and the Underworld is in turmoil. The Key must be found to prevent a war that would destroy the earth.

As three people supernaturally gain knowledge of an unusual symbol, they are drawn together. One quest, three people with three different agendas enter the underground caverns of Utah with plans to find and follow the symbol. The professor believes the symbol will lead him to the Fountain of Youth, and he is running out of time. The physician believes the symbol will lead to the cure for every disease, and she wants that cure. The reverend-turned-shaman has been appointed protector of the symbol by his Native American tribe, and he must protect it at all costs. Will the supernatural power hidden within the mysterious symbol be enough to protect them from the paranormal forces intent on destroying them? Before they can escape from the Underworld they must discover which key is hidden within a key. One key is for man to use. One key, if used incorrectly, can destroy the world. Which, if either, is the Key of David that they have found? And why is the mysterious changing symbol leading them deeper into the Underworld?

--D. S. Sistare