Intimacy over Answers

Why? When? How? Who? What?

We all have questions. We all desire answers, but God just doesn't seem to help me out. When will God answer my prayer requests that I have been prayer for forever? Will God tell me who I am going to marry? Does God understand that I need him to perform a miracle in this instant? Where is God?If you are like me, you want answers, and you want them now. The beauty of our faith is that God wants something more--intimacy with you. What I have written is not designed to solve your specific problems or answer your specific questions but to consider something even greater, more beautiful, and magnificent. Waiting, questioning, God's silence, you name it, we've all been through it. Let us, however, consider the Answer that's been given to us already--Jesus.Allow me to begin a conversation with you on what it means to seek after intimacy with our heavenly Father more than pressing for answers to our questions. Let a relatable brother in Christ share some of his stories and experiences with you.

When you understand that this life is more about intimacy than answers, you will be freed of anxiety, worry, and fear and be able to freely, confidently, and boldly step into the calling that has been given to each and every single one of God's children--the Great Commission.

--Osbert Wei

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